The Turin Aerial Week of 1911

With the intention of killing three birds with one stone: celebrating the 50th anniversary of the unification of Italy, celebrating the inauguration of the Mirafiori airport and celebrating the arrival of the competitors of the Paris-Rome-Turin raid (which ended in Rome due to bad weather) an important “Aerial Week” was held in Turin from the 18th to the 25th of June 1911. The Italians Romolo Manissero, Germano RUGGERONE, Mario COBIANCHI, Mario FACCIOLI, Umberto CAGNO, Giuseppe NERI and Giuseppe ROSSI, the Frenchmen Gustave WEISS, René LABOUCHERE, François BONNIER, Paul VAN GAVER and Robert MARTINET, and the Belgian Julius FISCHER all took part.

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The event was held with great success despite the bad weather on Monday and Tuesday, with the following results:

  • Sunday, June 18, Manissero in a Blériot won the 10 km race in 7’38”2/5; the prize of the longest non-stop route with 64 km and the prize for the sum of altitude gained.
  • Wednesday, June 21, the second day, Fischer won the Grand Speed Prize for Biplanes in 15’12”4/5. Weiss won the daily race for the longest distance with 43 laps, 46 km; Cobianchi won the prize for shortest takeoff and landing with 65 meters and Martinet the prize for shortest takeoff with 39 meters.
  • Thursday, June 22, the third day, Manissero won the Grand Speed Prize for Monoplanes, Cagno won the race for carrying a passenger in 10’16”4/5; The Turin-Sagra San Michele raid was won by Fischer, who completed the 60 km in 30’21”1/5; the two daily awards for greatest distance and sum of altitude gained were won respectively by Cobianchi with 68 km and Fischer with 1,150 metres.
  • Friday, June 23, fourth day, Neri won the non-stop distance race with 100 km in 1 hour 28’11”2/5 in his Antoinette monoplane, Bonnier won the Grand Speed Prize and Cobianchi the shortest takeoff Prize.
  • Saturday, June 24, the fifth day, Weiss won the non-stop race with 106 km in 1 hour, 28’33” and Cagno won the Biplane Speed Race with km 10 in 7’47”; Fischer won the Grand Prize for the sum of altitude gained with 1,510 metres.
  • Sunday, June 25, the final day, Manissero won the Grand Speed Prize for Monoplanes, achieving 10 km in 7’23” and also won the final Grand Prize for Speed, reaching the speed of 83,102 km/h.
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