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Private Pilot's License single-engined airplan (PPL)

Private pilot's license (PPL) course for powered aircraft.

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Glider Pilot's Licence (GPL)

Glider Pilot's Licence (GPL) course

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Helicopter pilot's license (HPL) course

HPL courses are conducted by and under the responsibility of the North West Company Service Ltd, which operates from Busano (TO) airfield.
It offers courses for the private helicopter pilot's license (PPLH), the Commercial Pilot's helicopter Licence (CPLH), Flight Instructor, Type Rating, Renewal and Revalidation.

The courses are held under the responsibility of Cmdt. Michela Musoni

Informations: tel 335-5221164
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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altTEA - Test of English for Aviation

English language courses for the preparation for TEA

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Courses organised by the Vercelli Air Training Organisation (IT.ATO.0010) at its secondary base at Torino Aeritalia in collaboration with the Aero Club Torino.

In collaboration with the Aero Club Torino, the Vercelli ATO (IT.ATO.0010) will hold the following courses at its secondary base of Torino Aeritalia, managed by the following structure:

General Manager: Maurizio Gennaro
Quality Manager: Leo Finzi
Quality Auditors: Daniele Cobelli
Quality Auditors: Isidoro Fiore
Head of Training (HT): Roberto Russo
Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) e Deputy HT: Pier Giorgio Longo
CGI: Giuseppe Vola
Manager's secretary: Lilly Signorella
CAMO: Matteo Verbano
Flying Instructor: Diego Menardi

Instrument Rating: single-engined/twin engined aircraft IR(A) (SE)/(ME)

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Course Details's License (CPL)

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Modular Airline Transport Pilot's License ATPL(A) - Frozen

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