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Settimana di decolli per giovanissimi piloti

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altIn questi giorni si è verificato un evento eccezionale in quanto hanno preso il volo alcuni nostri giovanissimi piloti.

Da sinistra Biferari Jacopo (24 anni - Istruttore Demaria), Galliano Andrea (16 anni e 9 mesi - Istruttore Menardi) , Porega Ermes (17 anni-Istruttore Menardi), Fadda Matteo (17 anni e 6 mesi - Istruttore Menardi) e Rusu Mihail (18 anni - Istruttore Demaria).


Prende il volo a 16 anni

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altAndrea Galliano di 16 anni e 9 mesi oggi, sabato 14 marzo 2015, ha effettuato il suo primo volo da solista a bordo per PA 28 - 140 marche I-FOGS dietro autorizzazione del suo istruttore Diego Menardi.


Giro del mondo ad energia solare

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altLa FAI (Federazione Aeronautica Internazionale) ha comunicato la partenza del Solar Impulse 2 col quale l'ex pilota di caccia André Borschberg è decollato poco dopo le 4 ora italiana di questa notte, luned' 4 marzo 2015, da un aeroporto militare di Abu Dhabi, vicino allo stretto di Hormuz, in direzione di Mascate, la capitale dell'Oman.

L'aereo ha gradualmente raggiunto i 28 mila piedi (8.500 metri) di quota, alimentato soltanto dalle fitte file di pannelli solari che coprono le ali e la fusoliera, assorbendo l'energia che fa da propulsore per i suoi quattro motori elettrici.

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Introductory flights


The Aero Club Torino proposes INTRODUCTORY FLIGHTS to promote educational activities, in accordance with the recent promulgations by ENAC.

The flights will be conducted by instructors using PA 28-160 WARRIOR (4 place) aircraft, at the base price of € 39 per person, and on Tecnam P 2002 JF (2 place) aircraft.

It will be possible to agree personalized itineraries with the secretariat.


SAPR (drones) School


The Aero Club Torino has been certified by ENAC (ref. 3873) for the organization of theoretical courses for the professional qualification of specialization in the piloting of SAPR (unmanned aircraft systems), in accordance with the recent ENAC dispositions.

The courses will be held over two weekends, 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays beginning from January 2015, with the following curriculum:

Course SAPR Drones Program :

  • 33 hours of classroom lessons covering the following subjects: air law, flight rules, airspace, VFR communications, meteorology, SAPR knowledge, general knowledge concerning the mechanics of flight and main systems of the aircraft, operating procedures for SAPR.
  • 3 hours of examination with multiple choice questionaires.

Interested parties should contact the secretariat (011-7790916) for details.


118 Night Service


As of Thursday, November 20, 2014, the 118 helicopter rescue service was extended to cover night operations.

In line with the convention stipulated with the Regione Piemonte, the Aero Club Torino provides the service of fire coverage during the nocturnal hours up until 4:00 am.

The costs of compliance with the night service (telecameras, automatic alert service, automation of access, etc.) as well as service personnel are for the present being borne by the Aero Club while waiting for a better definition of economic aspects.


Visit to the Airport

altYesterday, December 16, 2014, the children of the 5D class from the Marconi School of Collegno came to visit us at the airport.

After being given an introductory briefing in the classroom followed by a fortifying breakfast offered by the Aeroclub, the young people visited the 118 helicopter rescue area and then went to see our gliders at first hand.


Paolo Monzeglio


On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, at the age of 65, our Club Member and Director

He was a Director of the Aero Club for 10 years, first as the Gliding seciality representative and then as head of airport security.

He was a glider and powered flight pilot as of 1985.

He will be sadly missed by all for his sunny and joyful disposition.


Approval of the 2015 budget

altTheAnnual General Meeting of Members held on November 19, 2014 unanimously approved the budget for the year 2015.

The budget forecasts an income of 1.123 000 Euro and outgoings of 1.099 000 Euro, with a contingency reserve of 24 000 Euro.

Membership fees and those of essential services remain unchanged.

The President, Angelo Moriondo, summed up the social activity of 2014 and presented the initiatives already undertaken and those of forthcoming implementation.


Visits to the airport


altOn Thursday 16th of October, the children of the fourth grade Section B of the Aurora School of Turin came to visit us.

The aspiring pilots were given an idea of our activities, taken to see the SAR helicopter site afollowed by a close look at our gliders, before ending the morning with a picnic lunch at the gliding section.


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