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Continuation of the Primary School Guided Visits


altToday, 17 April, the 2A class of the Agazzi Primary School (Turin) came to visit us at the airport.

Our small visitors were first introduced to some of the airport activities and were then taken to see the 118 Rescue Helicopter and its crew. Finally, they also had the opportunity of seeing a glider at first hand and were able to see for themselves what it was like to be at the controls.

As can be well imagined, the children and their teachers went away full of enthusiasm for the experience.


2013 Results approved



Turin,17 April 2014

With the unanimous approval of the 42 Club members present, the Aeroclub General Assembly voted their approved of the consolidated budget results at 31.12.2013, which closed with a positive balance of E 60.106, all of which is used to further the Club patrimonial assets.

The President, Angelo Moriondo outlined the Club activities of 2013 and gave a presentation of the activities already achieved within 2014 and those which are scheduled to take place.


The Tecnam P2002JF's have arrived




On Thursday 10 April, at 16.30, two new Tecnam P2002JF aircraft joined our fleet. They have been bought both to modernize the fleet and to make the hourly running costs and hiring rates more accessible.

On the 9th of April, 4 of our istructors - Zecchin, Siriotto, Demaria and Di Bari, went to TECNAM, (Capua airport), to get the necessary flight experience and for the formal handover of the two aircraft which bear the marks I-ACTO (Aero Club Torino) and I-GILI (Gino Lisa).

Those interested in obtaining a type rating on these new aircraft are requested to attend a briefing lasting about an hour, which will take place twice a week on Wednesdays at 20,30 and Saturdays at ore 10,00.

Since these aircraft have variable pitch propellers, the type ratings require

  • For those already holding a complex rating, one or two familiarization flights, at the instructors discretion
  • For those without a complex rating, 2 hours with an instructor.

The hourly cost will be

  • for a 2 monthly promotional period, until 15 June, € 135,00/h (2,25 €/min)
  • after that a tariff of € 150,00/h (2,50 €/min) will be applied.

Contact the instructors directly for bookings.


Flight Safety Evening


altaltOn Thursday 3 September, Cmdr. Maurizio Dalfinosi, of Alenia Aeronautica, held a conference on the theme of "Flight Safety" for G.A., glider and ultralight pilots.

The objective was to provide examples for reflection, aimed at helping to identify or evaluate potentially dangerous situations hidden within the daily"routine"of any operator, who regardless of qualification or motivation, carries out his activities in the field of general or light aviation.

Some 60 persons, comprising members of the Aero Club and students from the Polytechnic attended, and greatly appreciated the information imparted.


The Aero Club carries out restoration of the play area/library of thdale infantile Regina Margherita


altOn Wednesday 2nd April,following a request by the FORMA Association of the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital of Turin, the Aero Club began the task of restoration of the area known as the "bibliomouse", located on the ground floor of the hospital and used by children from all its wards.

The initiative resulted from a collaborative agreement with the various associations within the hospital (FORMA, UGI, Rare Diseases) as a follow-up to the "small aviators" day which the Aero Club has sponsored each September for the last four years.

The work, (entirely financed by the Aero Club and carried out by Vincenzo Bannino's company VIBA) was deemed necessary, given the condition it was currently in, some 10 years after its innauguration.

The work will be carried out in two phases (April and May) in line with the requirements of the hospital.

A commemorative plaque will be appended to recall the intervention by the Aero Club.


Meeting with ENAV concerning the new local airspace variations


altOn Wednesday 5th February, Messrs. Andrea Santospirito and Walter Bonelli from ENAV Caselle, together with Mr. Antimo Bertolini, Head of our AFIU, illustrated to club members the recently introduced variations to our local airspaces and outlined those expected in the near future.

As testimony to the interest in the subject, about a hundred members attended the meeting, which was much appreciated both for the information imparted and the spirit of collaboration demonstrated by the ENAV staff.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, a recording has been made available at the following link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1lgpmsw5xhx0os/Conferenza.wmv


Conference at the Circolo dei Lettori


altOn Friday 24th January, following an invitation by Prof.ssa Alba Zanini, the Aero Club organized a conference on the theme "Turin � Beginnings and Development of the Aeronautical Industry" at the Circolo dei lettori in Turin.

The iniziative, which was also supported by the Turin newspaper "La stampa",( http://www.aeroclubtorino.it/it/documenti/finish/19/133.html) was an extraordinary success, with a packed audience from all sectors - more than 100 people seated in the hall, many standing and a large number who were unable to even get in!

At the end of the conference, a copy of Angelo Moriondo's book dealing with the beginnings of aviation in Turin was distributed to those present.


You can now obtain your pilot's license for € 245 per month.


altThe Aero Club Torino has signed an agreement with the Banca d'Alba to finance the cost of the PPL course for student pilots aged between 18 and 30.

The agreement provides for the payment of costs related to obtaining your Private Pilot's License, with a repayment plan of 48 monthly installments of € 245 (*).

(*) Price valid until 31.12.2014 , subject to Euribor exchange rates.

The package consists of :

Ministerial Theoretical examination element:

• 102 hours of classroom lessons
• Teaching materials (books, plotter, ruler , maps and handouts )

Practical Course (to minimum Ministerial requirements):

• 45 hours of flight on Piper PA28
• 25 hours of instructor time
• Civil Aviation Authority fees for theory test
• Civil Aviation Authority fees for practical exam
• Medical Examination
• Aeroclub Torino membership 2014 (student rate)

The package does not include:

Any additional flight hours beyond the minimum of 45 specified in the Ministerial Programme

Any additional instructional hours beyond the 25 specified in the Ministerial Programme

Daily allowance for ministerial inspector at theoretical and practical examinations , to be divided pro rata among all examinees

Travelling expenses to Milan for the medical examination.

Civil Aviation Authority fee for issue of license

Students who have already begun the 2013 "Alpha" and "Bravo" courses are also eligible for this finance plan. In this instance, those payments already made will be deducted from the loan, decreasing the amount to be repaid per installment .

For more information, those interested should contact the secretariat directly .


Christmas Dinner 2013


altThe members' dinner for the traditional exchange of greetings, held on Friday, 20th December saw a large turnout of members and their families.

Among the guests were the Mayoress of Collegno, Silvana Accossato, with her husband and daughter, and representatives from Enav, Andrea Santospirito, Paulo Migliasso and Antimo Bertolino with their wives.

During the course of the evening, those new pilots who gained their certificates for powered flight and gliding in 2013 were awarded their "eagles" and "3 gulls" badges respectively.

Participants brought symbolic gifts which became the prizes for a cheerful lottery held towards the end of the evening.


Nuovo Rappresentante di specialità VV

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altIl nostro consigliere Gigi Giardino, rappresentante di specialità di Volo a vela, è stato eletto alla carica nazionale di membro dell' STS (Sezione Tecnica di Specialità) del volo a vela.

L'elezione a tale carica è incompatibile con quella di consigliere dell' Aero Club Torino per cui Gigi Giardino è decaduto a tutti gli effetti dall'incarico ricoperto nel nostro Aero Club.

Il giorno 31 ottobre, si è pertanto tenuta, in seconda convocazione, l'Assemblea di specialità volo a vela per la nomina del nuovo Consigliere rappresentante di specialità del Volo a Vela.

Erano presenti 24 soci aventi diritto al voto ed i due candidati hanno ricevuto rispettivamente:


- Angelo Albano voti 9

- Sergio Cometto voti 15

È pertanto risultato eletto come Consigliere Rappresentante di Specialità il socio, Sergio Cometto, il quale resterà in carica fino alla scadenza naturale dell'attuale Consiglio Direttivo.

Al neo eletto consigliere i complimenti del Consiglio e gli auguri di proficuo lavoro.


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