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Visits to the airport


altOn Thursday 16th of October, the children of the fourth grade Section B of the Aurora School of Turin came to visit us.

The aspiring pilots were given an idea of our activities, taken to see the SAR helicopter site afollowed by a close look at our gliders, before ending the morning with a picnic lunch at the gliding section.


Renewal of the agreement with the Turin Polytechnic

On Thursday, September 4, 2014 we renewed our five-year agreement with the Turin Polytechnic regarding our mutual cooperation in aviation industry research activities in the broadest sense (e.g. airport systems, flight operations, flight testing, flight simulation , experimentation and tuition regarding Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles (RPAV), control systems and computers and other related applications and research in innovative and unconventional contexts).

Such collaboration may take, for example, one or more of the forms identified below:

- Collaboration for study and research, where a medium to long term and a high commitment of resources is forecast;

- Technical-scientific consultancy focussed on specific issues related to contingency problems for resolution in a short timescale and with limited commitment of resources;

- Joint participation in national and/or international research programmes.

- Joint organization of meetings, conferences, workshops or other means designed to spread, deepen and discuss topics of common interest


20th September 2014 - In flight for a smile


altOn Saturday, September 20, 2014, the Turin Aero Club organized their 5th annual event aimed at offering the pleasure of flight to the patients of the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital inTurin.

Instrumental in the success of the event was the collaboration of the Regina Margherita Hospital's three non-profit organizations: Foundation for Rare Childhood Diseases (FMRI), Regina Margherita Foundation (FORM) and the Italian Parents Union (UGI), with the support of the authorities of the Cities of Turin and Collegno and the following sponsors:








Alderman Matteo Cavallone on behalf of Collegno and Roberto Giachino on behalf of the City of Turin consigned flight certificates to the small pilots.

More than 52 children with their parents or guardians (for a total of 108 people) were able to enjoy a flight.

The initiative, which served to give a moment of joy to these sick or otherwise disadvantaged children, are was made possible thanks to the indispensable contribution of members, who made 13 aircraft available:

- Barollo Juri / Demaria Annalisa su velivolo Piper PA28-Cherokee, marche I-FOGS

- Casati Mauro Elido su velivolo Cessna C400-Corvalis, marche N455MC

- Coratella Giuseppe su velivolo Partenavia P66C, marche I-IABC

- Ferrarese Angelo su velivolo Piper PA28RT- Arrow IV, marche D-EAFW

- Ferrero Carlo Maria su velivolo Piper PA28 Cherokee, marche I-ICES

- Fiorilli Maurizio su velivolo Cessna C182, marche I-BUNN

- Grandi Gian Piero su verilolo Piper Cerokee Six, marche D-ENSW

- Guala Gianni su velivolo Cirrus, marche D-EPTK

- Gugliotta Filippo su velivolo Cessna C182, marche  I-VANZ

- Macario Maurizio / Angelo Pavanello su velivolo Piper PA28, marche  I-GIFT

- Moriondo Angelo su velivolo Piper PA28RT Arrow IV, marche  I-CRSE

- Sereno Regis Federico su motoaliante Dimona, marche OE-9418

- Vallino Costassa Silvano, su Piper PA32, marche I-DSKY

and of the many people who contributed on the ground: Angelo Albano, Chiara and Lidia Ariangena, Francesca Busso, Elisa Druetta, Manuela Grandi, Antonio Mazzon, Alberto Musso, Maria Tucci and Daniele Zecchin.

Coverage was of the event was published in "La Stampa" of Saturday, 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014.

2014_09_20 La Stampa - In volo per un sorriso


2014_09_21 La Stampa - In volo per un sorriso




Raid 2014 in Sicily (Magna Grecia)


altThis year, for a variety of reasons, mainly work and unavoidable other commitments, only 9 aircraft and 21 people (compared to the 15 aircraft and 38 people originally forecast) participated in the raid between the 5th and the 9th of July 2014 which had eastern Sicily as its goal.

The participants were rewarded by four days of excellent weather, and all crews completed the flights without any difficulties.

Planes and crews:

  • I-CRSE (Angelo e Chiara Moriondo, Maurizio Macario)
  • I-DARD (Alberto Musso, Silvio Furione e Giliana Galeotti)
  • D-EBJR (Giorgio Rampini e Virginio Masera)
  • N455MC (Mauro Casati e Francesca Busso)
  • I-VANZ (Filippo Gugliotta e Marina Alberto)
  • D-EAFW (Angelo  Ferrarese e Simone Pluchino)
  • I-ICES (Annalisa Demaria e Elena Savella)
  • I-DSKY (Paolo Pari e Silvano Vallino Costassa)
  • I-BJOE (Dario Deledda, Marco De Luigi e Bruno Panetta)

The program included two nights (Saturday and Sunday) in Catania, with guided tours by bus to both Etna and Taormina. On Monday the crews flew to the airport of Comiso, spending two nights in nearby Ragusa. From there, on day one, there were excursions to Ibla, Modica, Noto and Merzamemi. The second day saw each crew free to choose a destination, with the most popular being the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

At the restaurant Marinella in Marzamemi a party was held to celebrate the young pilot Elena Savella's 18th birthday, highlighted by a large cake with a suitable number of candles.

Our members were given a magnificent welcome by the Aero Club of Catania and its President, Stefano Arcifa, who gave us all possible assistance to an incredible degree, confirming, if ever proof were needed, the tradition of Sicilian hospitality.


Promotional Video



The shooting of the scenes for the promotional video commissioned by the Aero Club from RA Studios of Turin has finally ended.

The 3 ½ minute video was shot under the supervision and direction of Andrea Trombetta and Richard Covino with photographic services by Peter Bongiovanni.

A 20-second spot was also made. This will be screened in two of the halls at the Lingotto cinema at the end of each show, during the months of August, September and October, for a total of about 1000 showings.

The video can be seen on YouTube via the following link:



 link delle foto


Gaetano Di Modica (Tani)


altDuring the night of 9th – 10th July 2014, at the age of 91, Gaetano di Modica, known to all of us simply as "Tani", set off on his final flight to a better place.

A Member of the Aero Club for over 60 years, he was a Board Member in the 60s during Giovanni Agnelli's Presidency, later holding the office of Vice-President from 1986 to 1990 during the Presidency of Edoardo Agnelli.

During the 1970s and 80s he was the Director of the Gliding School.

As a Lieutenant student pilot, he gained his pilot's license during the war, and then continued his career at the club.

He went on to achieve his gliding licence at the Casabianca field (Chivasso). In this particular activity he displayed such ability and skill that in 1965 he won the 3rd edition of the City of Turin Trophy.

He was a personage of significant culture and depth.

He held the Chair of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Turin, and was elected to the prestigious position of President of the Academy of Sciences of Turin for the triennial period of 2000/2003.

Gifted with a facility for speech that made him a sought-after lecturer, he was also a talented writer, his essays and books on a number of different subjects making particularly pleasant reading.

His salacious irony was proverbial, but good-natured and it is impossible not recall with regret his sometimes attrocious, but always entertaining jokes, preceded by a smile and the premise "absit iniuria verbis" (let no-one be offended by my words) which allowed him to say practically anything.

His frequent use of the dialect of the Langhe area, his anecdotes of life and of flight are the things that will be most missed.

The last years of his life saw him him labouring under a wearisome burden and with a heavy heart, due to the immense grief caused by the tragic loss of his daughter Marina.

Thus a great man has left us, and it is with enormous sadness that we remember his passing.



Flight day for Collegno youngsters


altOnce again this year, on Saturday 21st of June 2014, in collaboration with the Department of "quality of life" of the City of Collegno, a day devoted to flight for young people of the "pass 15-21" of the Collegno high schools took place at the airport.

After a briefing in the briefing room by Cmdte. Di Bari some 40 youngsters were given flights thanks to voluntary contributions by a number of members: Carlo Filippo Brignone, Dario Deledda, Gian Piero Grandi, Angelo Moriondo, Paulo Pari, Angelo Regio, Andrea Reviglio. Francesco Rondilone, Marco Tosco, Alberto Uga, Silvano Vallino Costassa.


Photogallery Voli ragazzi di Collegno


Lufthansa chooses Torino-Aeritalia Airport


altOn Saturday 14th of June 2014, the Prodea Group SpA organized an event at the Aero Club for the LUFTHANSA "VIP customers" (about 40 people) for an unforgettable experience.

Guests were able to experience the thrill of gliding through the availability of our members: Andrea Balzi, Riccardo Di Bari, Dario Francese, Luigi Giardino, Franco Giustetto, Eligio Martinetto and Silvio Siriotto.

For the Lufthansa customers the day continued with a wine tasting and lunch served in the hangar, appropriately decorated for the occasion.



Photogallery Evento Lufthansa


800 youngsters at the Toga Party


altOn Saturday 7th of June 2014, following a request from the Toga Party People Cultural Association, our Airport became the site of the Toga Airlines fancy dress party.

Our hangars were completely transformed for the occasion, being turned into a nightclub and a photo studio. The roughly 800 participants were all dressed in an aviation theme.

The event, which began about 10 pm and continued until 4 in the morning, was a complete success without any problems and to the satisfaction of all thanks to a thorough and flawless security service.

The event was reported by radio and newspapers.



Photogallery Toga Party


Turin Book Fair 2014


altThis year, the Aero Club Torino participated in the Turin Book Fair, which took place between the 8th and the 12th of May.

For the Aero Club, this was a novel way to promote business and present a number of books on aeronautic subjects, particularly those published by Logisma of Florence.

On Monday, 12th of May, before a large audience, the Ministry of Defence stand was the setting for the presentation of the new book on Francesco Brach Papa written by Paulo Gariglio, Marco Papa and Massimiliano De Antoni.



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