Beginnings of “Gino Lisa”

47 Gino Lisa manifesto

At that time, the airfield of Mirafiori hosted three different organizations:

  •  The Aviators Battalion in the western zone (Strada delle Cacce);
  •  The industrial area with the factories of Asteria, Chiribiri, fiat-sia and the “Gino Lisa Aerocentre” in the south-western zone (Strada Castello di Mirafiori-bridge over the Sangone);
  •  The civil Airport building in the north-west zone (corner of Via Onorato Vigliani and Via delle Cacce).


In June of 1921, the sports aviation section (sat) of the Mirafiori airfield was renamed to honour the memory of Gino Lisa, Military Gold Medal for Valour, a war volunteer, who at only 21 years of age gave his life for his country. 
The sat thus became known as the “Aerocentro Gino Lisa – Torino”, a denomination which was later changed to “Aero Club Gino Lisa – Torino”.

But who was Gino Lisa?


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