Would you like to fly?

The Aero Club Torino in accordance with ENAC rules is authorized to make INTRODUCTORY FLIGHTS to promote educational activities.

An INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT offers a chance to experience, without any commitment, the thrill of flying and then decide, after due consideration, whether or not to enroll in an instructional course for a pilot's license.

The Aero Club Torino (founded in 1908) has 16 aircraft, 10 flight instructors, and a school that today has more than 60 students and is one of the largest organizations for tourist / sports flights in Italy recognized by CONI.

If you want to experience the thrill of flying safely alongside an instructor book an INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT from Tuesday through Sunday, 09.00 am to sunset.

We offer you the following possibilities:

2/3 passeggeri

2/3 passeggeri

The flight will last 20 minutes with a route which will vary depending on weather conditions.
(max weight 200 kg)
COST € 39,00 per person (3 passengers)
VDS avanzato ICP Savannah

VDS avanzato ICP Savannah

E' possibile anche effettuare un "volo di familiarizzazione" su apparecchio VDS avanzato ICP Savannah della durata di 20 minuti.

Telephone bookings can be made with:
AERO CLUB TORINO - Amateur Sporting Association
Strada Berlia 500 - 10146 TORINO

From Tuesday through Sunday, from 09.00 to 17.00 wintertime  (from 09.00 to 19.00 during summertime)

Insurance Coverage for Introductory Flights

The Aero Club Torino insures each of its aircraft 3rd party, aircraft and crew risks, to an overall ceiling of € 5,000,000.00.



As part of its institutional activities to promote aeronautical culture, and in order to obtain a partial economic coverage for the gliding competitions organized by the Turin Aeritalia airport, in particular the traditional City of Turin Trophy, the Aero Club Torino has published a book dedicated to the birth of Aviation entitled "The Dawn of Aviation in Turin and in Italy".

Those interested can purchase a copy from the Secretariat, at the price of € 60.00.

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