Private Pilot Licence (PPL)


The minimum age for registration is 16 years, but the exam can only be taken following the 17th birthday. All formalities regarding the registration are carried out by the Aero Club Torino. Before registration, you must pass a medical examination at the Italian Air Force Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) "A. Mosso", Viale Aviation 1bis, Milan; alternatively the medical examination can be conducted at the IML of Rome, Naples or Bari. The secretariat of the Aero Club Torino (011.7790916) will organize the reservation.

For the medical examination, on an empty stomach, bring the following documents

  • 1 passport sized photo;
  • letter of introduction from the Aero Club Torino Flight School ;
  • lettera presentazione della scuola di volo dell’Aero Club Torino;
  • identity document;

At the moment of registration you provide the Secretariat with the following documents

  • 1 passport sized photo;
  • I.M.L. medical examination certificate;


The duration of the theoretical course is about 5 months with approximately 102 hours of instruction, with an obligatory attendance of not less than 80% of the hours in each of the following subjects: Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Information, Human Factors and Pilot Performance, Meteorology, Communications, Air Legislation, Operational Procedures, Performance and Planning, Air Navigation. Classes are held at the Aero Club Torino, two or three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings) from 20.30 to 23.00.


In order to take the exam, a minimum of 45 flight hours is required, of which 25 hours are dual command with an on-board instructor, 10 hours solo with 10 further hours at the discretion of the instructor, with a minimum of forty missions. For GPL or PPL (H) licence holders, a reduction of 10% of the accumulated hours as pilot-in- command is allowed, with a maximum of 10 hours reduction.


The course comprises the following steps:

  1. AUTHORIZATION FOR SOLO FLIGHTS: this is issued by the flight school following the first solo takeoff and must be compiled by the instructor for each subsequent PIC (Pilot in Command) flight.
  2. LEARNING TEST: held by the instructors of each subject of the theoretical course at the conclusion of the lessons.
  3. PRE-EXAMINATION SUITABILITY: means the student’s suitability for taking (and passing) the exam is evaluated by the instructor and by the flight instructors Coordinator at the completion of the practical exercises.
    this is held before an ENAC Commission and takes place in two stages:
    - a written (multiple choice) quiz covering the subjects of the course;
    - a practical test flight with an Inspector appointed by ENAC.


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